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Zoos: the life of animals in captivity. An undercover investigation by Animal Equality

Animal Equality's investigation team has carried out a year-long undercover investigation into the most important zoos in Spain. Several activists have documented the life of enslaved animals in these zoos through photos, videos and expert reports.

Zoos, contrary to popular belief, are often little more than psychological torture and extermination centres for animals. Animals in zoos are caged for life and deprived of the opportunity to develop and fulfill the full range of their interests and needs. They lose control over their lives and the environment they live in. Social animals are often forced to live in the misery of solitary confinement. Animals who would prefer to live alone are often forced into close contact with others. Some animals are confined next to their predators, and some are held in crammed, barren environments where they are constantly bullied by cagemates. Animal Equality has observed animals living in squalid environments among their own faeces in a state of anxiety. In zoos, many animals are taken from their families and sent to other zoos, or killed when their group size exceeds the space allotted to them.

As an example of the grim life of animals in zoos, an Animal Equality undercover investigator documented the last days of "Chata", a baby lioness who fell ill at Seville Zoo and died, without receiving any veterinary care, due to her abuse at the zoo.

The questionable 'educational' message of zoos

The alleged 'educational' role of zoos needs to be challenged if we want to live in a just and equitable society that respects animals. If zoos teach anything, they teach us dangerous lessons. They teach us that humans have the right to enslave animals and reinforce the notion that animals have no other purpose other than for our gain. Zoos do not teach us to respect individuals.

The behaviour of animals in zoos is typical of many other animals in captivity. It is stunted and unnatural. Zoos do not teach children about the natural attributes of animals, on the contrary zoos provide a distorted image and teach them how animals should not be living. The disturbed and often bizarre behavior of animals in zoos provides further evidence that holding animals captive is simply wrong. If we want to instill values ​in children such as respect for others, we should start by not visiting places that enslave and cage animals for life.

If you care about animals, do not visit the zoo. Educate your children about respect.

Animals suffer in zoos. They get depressed, psychologically disturbed, frustrated, they harm each other, become ill, go hungry, and are forced to endure extreme and unnatural temperatures. These animals cannot live as they would wish to live. In zoos, animals such as dolphins and sea lions are ridiculed in demeaning and embarrassing performances, animals can get extremely stressed by screaming visitors. They are subjected to camera flashes and the hordes of hundreds of people who spend each day in front of their cages to watch but learn nothing.

If you care about animals do not go to the zoo. Educate your children true respect for animals.

Work with us NOW and help us to make zoos a part of history.

Zoos: imprisonment

Our investigation reveals that animals living in zoos can endure a life of suffering and that zoos cause serious damage to their physical and psychological health.

Zoos do not provide any meaningful educational knowledge about an animal's natural behaviour; nor do they teach respect for animals.

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Animal Equality is a non-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness of the suffering and deaths of animals in our society. Our undercover investigations reveal to the public the true extent of the suffering of animals in farms, slaughterhouses, circuses, zoos and every place in which animals are being exploited.

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